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General Director 
Dr. Sergey M. Kobtsev

Tekhnoscan Joint-Stock company conducts research and development as well as manufacturing of tunable lasers and laser-related products for a variety of scientific, technological, medical, and other applications.

Tekhnoscan’s product line includes complete laser systems, lasers, laser components and accessories. The main products of «Tekhnoscan» are tuneable Ti:Sapphire lasers (single-frequency, narrow-band, intracavity frequency-doubled, femtosecond), Dye lasers (single-frequency, narrow-band, intracavity frequency-doubled, pulsed), and specialised laser equipment (resonant frequency doublers, interferometers, auto-correlators, laser power meters, etc.).

Tekhnoscan makes direct shipments of the laser products both within Russia and abroad. The Company provides set-up of delivered products at the customer’s site, training of personnel, as well as full warranty and post-warranty service. Laser equipment manufactured at the company was installed and is extensively used at numerous scientific and technological organisations in Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, France, China, Czech Republic, and other countries.


Ti:Sapphire lasers at
University of Illinois (USA)

Tekhnoscan was founded in 1993 on the basis of the Laser Systems Laboratory within the State University of Novosibirsk. Currently, Tekhnoscan holds the status of a small R&D enterprise with the Novosibirsk State University. The Company forms a part of the University Technopark and is essentially a spin-out of Laser Systems Laboratory at the Novosibirsk State University. Tekhnoscan is located at the laboratory building of the Novosibirsk State University.

Tekhnoscan’s laser equipment traditionally features new technological solutions and optimal combination of high technical parameters and reasonable price. The company’s team has managed to achieve this state of the art through thorough optimisation of every component used in our laser systems and continuous improvement of product design with careful attention to customer opinion. The team also leverages their own many years of experience in development and testing of laser systems.

None of Tekhnoscan products is matched by a full analogue in the laser system market, and some of our laser systems (such as CW narrow-band Dye and Ti:Sapphire lasers with intracavity frequency doubling) are completely unique. The list of originally developed components for the Tekhnoscan’s CW single-frequency Dye laser includes the set of selective elements, precision quartz nozzle, motorised thin étalon, dye circulation system and others. Tekhnoscan’s single-frequency Ti:Sapphire lasers feature a special cavity design, thin étalon actuator, and a proprietary bi-refringent filter. Electronic units controlling Tekhnoscan’s single-frequency lasers have an extended choice of control functions and methods.


Dye laser at
Innovative Harmony University (South Korea)

Tekhnoscan’s team is always willing to creatively consider and implement customers requests for modification or improvement of laser products in order to achieve the required parameters and functionality. Often, this modification and improvement requires a separate R&D or design programme, however all this work is usually carried out as a part of contract with the customer and does not lead to longer shipment terms.

«OEM» acronym is a very good description of the Tekhnoscan’s products. Original solutions developed in the atmosphere of creativity, scientific discussions, and brain-storming, are quickly implemented and included into the products of the company.

The scientific, technological, and manufacturing potential of the Joint-stock company Tekhnoscan is based upon unique scientific, technical and technological potential of the Novosibirsk Scientific Centre. Latest scientific and technical advancements combined with precision mechanics, high-grade optics, and contemporary electronics give Tekhnoscan the opportunity to develop laser equipment of any complexity.


Ti:Sapphire laser at
National Institute of Metrology (Japan)

Joint-stock company Tekhnoscan established manufacturing and informal connections with other R&D companies participating in the Academ-Laser Association (Inversion-Fiber, Inversion-Lasers, Angstrom, Siberian Monocrystal-EKSMA). Many years of R&D cooperation developed strong ties between Tekhnoscan and Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Automation & Electrometry SB RAS (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science), A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Siberian Research Institute of Metrology, Siberian Centre of Laser Medicine, Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS.

Joint-stock company Tekhnoscan is currently a member of Academ-Laser Association, Russian Laser Association and of the Association «SibAkademInnovation».

The General Director of Tekhnoscan, Dr. Sergey Kobtsev also leads the Laser Systems Laboratory at NSU and has been working at the Lab since 1982. In 1983, his project «Continuous-wave Dye Laser» won the silver medal of the All-Union Exhibition of scientific and technical equipment in Soviet Union. Since then, over 100 lasers and laser systems based on Dye and Ti:Sa lasers have been shipped under his supervision and with his immediate participation to the largest scientific organisations of Russia and the World. The installed lasers and systems are successfully employed in spectroscopy of high time and spectral resolution. They are used in a wide range of research applications such as laser cooling of atom species, laser isotope separation, semiconductor physics, and many other tasks.





   Tekhnoscan JSC
Address:  Russia, 630058, Novosibirsk, Sirenevaya st. 37, of. 141
Phone/Fax:    +7 383 363-42-65
E-mail: Image
General Director:   Dr. Sergey M. Kobtsev
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